Innovative Cybernics Technologies

Cybernics Technologies is an innovative technology capable of fusing Human, Cyber Space, and Physical Space.

It has a unique advantage in its ability to access and integrate information within the human body (e.g., brain-nerve and vital systems) in addition to information outside the human body (behavior, life, and environmental information), connecting and integrating it to a supercomputer. With its partners, CYBERDYNE aims to realize a system where Big Data of the information above is accumulated, analyzed, and processed with AI.

By disseminating the technology to various parts of society, CYBERDYNE works to connect different fields and create a new Cybernics Industry.

HAL Lower Limb Type

Wearable Cyborg designed for treatment to improve physical function. This product is designed to establish a pathway for signals that reach the muscles to cause a meaningful response through movement.

HAL Single Joint Type

Wearable Cyborg for intensive training of elbow, knee, and ankle joints. This assists flexion and extension exercises with a small power unit.

HAL Lumbar Type

Wearable Cyborg that assists body trunk and lower limb training. By repeatedly performing simple exercises such as standing up and sitting down, the product improves trunk and lower limb functions, allowing the wearer to move more independently.

Acoustic X

High speed light pulse LED array light source that enables real time photoacoustic imaging.


Innovative interfaces for people who have severe difficulty speaking or moving.

All-In-One Walker

Even a person who has instability in a standing posture can comfortably and safely enjoy walking without limitation of a walking area.