About Us


CYBERDYNE aims to transform society and industry through the creation of a Cybernics Industry, a new industry that will follow the robotics and IT industries, by realizing a “Techno-peer Support Society” where human and technology works together and supports each other by innovation that leaves no one behind. To be precise, the Group will make full use of Cybernics (fusion of Human, Robots, AI, and Information Systems), a new field that integrates “Human” and “Cyber/Physical Space.
Healthy Future Society using Cybernics.

CYBERDYNE Group is developing various types of Cybernics Technologies that accumulates, analyzes, and AI processes Human Big Data (human-related physiological, psychological, lifestyle, behavioral, and environmental information) with its IoH/IoT (Internet of Humans and Things) system.

The technology is also capable of improving, regenerating, expanding, and supporting wearer’s physical functions. CYBERDYNE is also working on bio-, neuro-, physiological -systems and, cyborgs, robots, mobility, healthy city OS, and disaster evacuation response as an initiative to accelerate the evolution of the human race. All of the devices, software, handled by Cybernics have communication functions and are seamlessly connected to hospitals, nursing homes, homes, and workplaces through IoH/IoT by linking data and services via cloud systems.

By making full use of such innovative Cybernics, CYBERDYNE will take on the challenge of cultivating a “healthy future society” in which people can participate in society while maintaining a high level of independence and health, even if they are in a physical state of multiple disuse, disease, or disability, and will promote the realization of Society 5.0/5.1 as a healthy and sustainable society.


Cybernics Treatment is a innovative treatment technology realized by devices like Medical HAL that are developed using Cybernics Technology.

The treatment promotes the functional improvement/regeneration of the brain-nerve-musculoskeletal systems. Medical HAL establishes interactive biofeedback by moving accordingly to intension-based motion information from the brain-nervous system and activating sensory systems like muscle spindle fibers to form a neural loop between the brain-nerve system and the musculoskeletal system.

Even if the patient with motor dysfunction, Cybernics Treatment induces improvement and regeneration of the function of brain, nerves and musculoskeletal systems while avoiding excessive burden on such systems.