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An Overview

In 2022, Cyberdyne Malaysia hosted its 1st virtual HAL International Conference 2022 on February 26th. The event has brought together the HAL community for a scientific conference from all over Asia Pacific countries. The session topics and webinar sessions were conducted by professors and doctors across the globe.

Event Highlights

HAL International Conference was inaugurated this year. The conference was attended by different healthcare professionals across APAC. It was an honor to have the founder & CEO of Cyberdyne Inc – Professor Dr. Yoshiyuki Sankai to share on his vision and mission for the future of healthcare.

We have hosted a VIP Roundtable session gathering government officials, professors, and doctors from the industry. The session featured a lively discussion among the KOLs from around Asia Pacific countries about adopting the latest innovative technology like HAL to better benefit the healthcare system.

Session topics and webinar sessions were conducted by professors and doctors across the globe. It was a pleasure to have them as our guest speakers for our 1st HAL International Conference of 2022. We have also featured a total of 6 patient testimonials and 7 case study presentations by physiotherapists from various hospitals and rehabilitation centers across Asia Pacific.

Cyberdyne Updates

HAL Single Joint for Wrist and Data Logger

Yudai Katami

Latest Update of HAL Monitor

Lok Jian Yuan

All new HAL Tread (Medicalcare Pit)

Yudai Katami

Research and Application of Bioelectrical Signal Interfaces with Cyin

Dr. Alexsandr Ianov

Cyberdyne AcousticX: A new revolution in biomedical photoacoustic imaging

Dr. Mithun Kuniyil Ajith Singh

Webinar Topics

Does acute stroke patients benefit from errorless gait training?

Dr. Keiji Yamaguchi

An alternative rehabilitation approach on Parkinson disease

Dr Takashi Morishita

HAL for pediatric with Cerebral Palsy: Overcome the challenges

Kazushi Takahashi

Improved physiological gait in acute and chronic SCI patients after training with Wearable Cyborg Assistive Limb

Dr. Alexis Brinkemper

Epidural stimulation followed by Cyberdyne in complete spinal cord injury cases

Dr. Sachin Samuel

Visitors Overview

attendee are healthcare

enjoyed the

enjoyed the webinar

engaged to adopt
the HAL system

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